Bullock Company

Timothy J. Bullock, president of Bullock & Company Master Craftsmen fell in love with the idea of crafting a log building. He studied the craft, and its history, apprenticed for several years and in 1980 sold his first Handcrafted and Custom Designed Log Home as President of his own company. He has since built an average of 10 log or timber structures per year for customers from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and throughout Canada. Tim is personally involved with each project. He selects the timbers from the bush. He designs, peels, carves and fits the logs or timbers. He manages all house moves and physically participates in the re-erection of the project. He is a “hands-on” owner. He trains his craftsmen and women to his own standard of the highest quality craftsmanship.
Bullock & Company is a small family run business owned by Timothy and his wife Elizabeth. A crew of six long time, loyal employees and expert craftsmen, a close friend and professional draughts man, a terrific bookkeeper, and two favorite daughters make up this family.

Timothy J. Bullock and the craftsmen who work with him take a quiet pride in what they do. They sculpt with adze, broadaxe and chainsaw to an absolute fit. They share the pleasure of exacting an aesthetic and practical beauty from the construction of massive log and timber structures…full scribe Scandinavian, Ontario dove-tail, and post-and-beam timber framed buildings.