Bullock Company – Pricing

he cost of a log home compares favorably with other quality built custom homes. Log construction has proven to be extremely energy efficient: rated at R 1.8 per inch,* a 10-inch diameter log equals R 18, a 20-inch log R 36.

Preliminary Drawings (Custom Design):

These are concept drawings outlining overall design features.
Price: $1000 – $3000 based on complexity. *(not applied to log shell pricing)

Working Drawings:

Sufficient detail to execute log and timberworks: $1500 – $2500
Complete working blueprints including all mechanical detail: $3000 +
Engineering approvals for building location: $2500 +
Log Shell Including Timber Roof System:

Scandinavian (Round Log)
Minimum 10″ top diameter………..$35 – $50 sq.ft.
Minimum 12″ top diameter………..$50 – $60 sq.ft.
*Minimum 14″ top diameter………..$60 – $80 sq.ft.
Dovetail (Random Height)
Minimum 8″ thick………… $25 – $35 sq.ft.
*Minimum 12″ thick………… $50 – $80 sq.ft.
*Minimum 10″ thick………… $40 – $50 sq.ft.
* Note: These are Giant White Pine and are becoming scarce.
Heavy Timber Framing
$40 – $80 sq.ft.

Crane Rental …extra. *Chinking… average shell … $6,000 – $15,000
* (Includes accommodation and expenses and all labour and materials)

Finish Costs… would be 2 to 3 times as much as the
Log Shell depending on the quality of the materials.

Available Materials and Options:

Elaborate Carved Posts/Mantles/Trusses
Flooring in all domestic species up to 18″ wide planks.
Doors and Windows: Traditional Wood
Foam Stress Skin Panels with or without Bonded Pine Tongue and Groove up to R60.
The above prices are F.O.B. Creemore, Ontario and should be used as a guide only.