Bullock Company – EVENTS

Initial contact by client, references supplied by the company for the client’s consideration.
A meeting is arranged to discuss plans, company philosophy, and the objectives of the client with regard to her/his project.
An estimate is submitted by the company for preliminary drawings. Upon acceptance of the estimate, the company, in consultation with the client, immediately commences the preliminary drawings.
Upon acceptance of the final preliminary drawings, an estimate is prepared by the company for the client’s consideration.
Upon acceptance of the estimate, a detailed quotation and contract documents are prepared at which time a deposit of 35% is required.
Final working drawings are prepared and materials are allocated to the project.
Client proceeds with all necessary basement/drainage work.
Concurrently, the log shell is crafted at Bullock’s log building site.
The client is encouraged to visit the building site at any time during the course of the contract to view the progress of her/his log building.
The client is responsible for the completion of the foundation and subfloor. These must be ready to receive the log work by the delivery date.
The completely handcrafted log structure is tagged, disassembled and loaded on tractor trailers for transportation to the client’s site.
The completed handcrafted log shell is delivered to the client’s building site and reassembled by the builders, Bullock & Company.
The client has arranged for roofing trades people to install the final roof immediately upon completion of the log work.
When the roof is complete Bullock & Company will return to install all doors and windows in the log work at additional cost.